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Terms & Conditions

Bellagio Home & Garden General Terms and Conditions

Our Priority is our customers satisfaction!


Products to be Returned or Changed

We accept returns or changes to all products provided they have not been used, are not beaten and are in excellent condition and do not fall under the Unacceptable Returns as described below.

 The original receipt must always be presented with the products to be returned / changed / repaired and / or the product change card and / or store receipt must be presented within 28 days of their purchase.

 Return / change products must be in their original condition and include all accessories and packaging boxes.


Not Acceptable Returns

No refunds are accepted for any service ; product delivery , workers labor, home visiting services.

On products with more than 50% discount and /or on decorations and promotional items.

 Returns to furniture and / or garden furniture are not acceptable.


Money Return

No refunds are made, but you can change your product with other products or services of equivalent value.


Trading Terms and Conditions

For the booking of furniture and / or garden furniture and / or other goods, and / or services, a down payment equal to 40% of the market value, cash or visa, shall be paid. This deposit is not refundable to the customer for any reason. There may be a change in the purchase of other goods and / or a gift voucher of the same value, provided that the store is informed in writing of the intention to change the product within 24 hours of the time of booking.
Product deliveries are made only after the full amount has been paid to the store.
 Delivery of furniture and / or garden furniture and / or other products shall be made within 7 working days of the full repayment date, unless the delivery is otherwise agreed in writing in advance with the customer. In the case of products ordered from abroad the store will provide a written expected delivery date.
 In the event that delivery cannot be made at the customer's fault, 10% of the total order / invoice per week will be charged until the day of delivery unless otherwise agreed in advance.
Furniture and / or garden furniture and / or other bulky products are delivered up to the first floor.
The store should be informed in advance of deliveries over the first floor. In case that the customer does  not informing the company on time and causing unjustified delay, the store reserves the right to charge additional labor / services as appropriate. For deliveries of more than one floor, the owner shall solely bear all additional costs for lifting machinery required or additional man power.
BARTER products can only be sold after the written agreement of the two parties. In these cases, the products and / or services and / or gift vouchers are available without any percentage discounts that may apply to our products from time to time in the store.
Coupons issued in product exchange agreements and / or BARTER Services and / or other agreements are redeemed with products and / or services at their original price without any discount rates applicable to  our products at any time in the store .
All Gift Vouchers that are either issued in Product Exchange Agreements and / or BARTER Services and/or issued by the Company at the Store may be redeemed within one year of their issue date, whether or not this is listed, unless another date is indicated regarding the expiration date on the Gift Voucher.
10% discounts are only granted to members of the Bellagio Home & Garden Loyalty Club except in special cases and after approval of the Board of Directors in case of Companies and Bands. Discounts of more than 10% are only granted during periods of discounts on specified management products, under the quotation mark and / or with the management's consent.
In cases of discounts exceeding 10%, no points are given to the customer's LOYALTY CLUB.
All Contests conducted by the Marketing Department of the Company and / or its other authorized affiliates are subject to the Terms and Conditions of A&S KAMILARIS TRADING LTD as published on the Company's website and posted on the store


 Product Distribution.


Zone A (within the major Limassol Municipalities ie the Municipality of Limassol, the Municipality of Agios Athanasios, the Municipality of Mesa Neighborhood, the Municipality of Polemidia, the Municipality of Germasogeia, the Municipality of Agios Tychonas) Distribution of products over € 1000 is free of charge. For amounts less than € 1000 you will be charged € 40.

 Zone B (Outside the municipalities of Greater Limassol but within Limassol Province) will be charged € 60 regardless of the value of the products.

 Zone C Product distribution outside Limassol will be charged € 80.





Extra Services

For Design / Design Services / Consulting Services / Large Product Assembly / Laboratories etc. there will be an additional charge depending on the type of service provided to the customer. For a Private Visit for any service, a one-time fee of 200 € will be charged, and an additional fee of 50 € / hour / person per person will also be charged of work on site.

Product assembly ranges from 25 € - 50 € per item depending on the product.



Terms and conditions for

Our Company's competitions and / or our authorized partners.

All Bellagio Home & Garden competitions, whether conducted by Bellagio Home & Garden, and/or through other affiliates / advertising agencies, electronic / print media and / or radio and / or television, may be held only by those who - are permanent living in the Republic of Cyprus and are over 18 years of age and accept the terms and conditions of our competitions and are not employees of A&S KAMILARIS TRADING LTD and / or their relatives up to (A) first degree.
Only one prize is awarded to each winner / person.
The value of the prizes shall be valued and / or calculated at the regular price of the products and shall not be taken into account for the benefit of the winner any discount that may be made on our products from time to time.
A&S KAMILARIS TRADING LTD has the right to cancel and / or modify the competition, and / or change its gifts, and / or modify its terms and / or change the dates and deadlines set for any reason the company deems justified.
Entries are considered to be valid following the instructions and terms of entry as stated and / or announced by the management and / or the authorized partner at the time of the announcement of the competition and are subject to the validity period of each competition as stated in the announcement and / or any modifications to the terms of the e-competitions.
The winner will be selected by lot, on the day indicated in the announcement of the competition and / or in accordance with the announcement of the company and / or the authorized partner on a new date that might will be determined by the company and / or its authorized partner.
It is essential that the winner's name will be posted in a new post at a predetermined date and the winner will be invited to send Bellagio Home & Garden personal information via Facebook / Instagram , so arrange for the gift to be received. In the event of non-response within 2 weeks, and /or the refusal to publish the name of the winner in the social media, winner will be canceled and the new draw will be repeated to announce the new winner.
Each winner must receive his / her gift from the Bellagio Home & Garden store within one (1) month of the announcement of the results of the competition. Upon receipt of the prize the winner is obliged to present a public document proving his / her identity. It is essential that each winner be photographed with staff members, which photo will be posted on social media, media, website and / or any form of form.
The gift cannot be exchanged for cash or other products of the company.
It is essential that contestants accept the disclosure and publication of their name and / or image (photo) to the public for the purposes of promoting the competition and / or the Bellagio Home & Garden.
A&S KAMILARIS TRADING LTD reserves the right to cancel entries if they do not meet the terms and conditions of the competition.
By participation, bidders’ consent to the confidentiality and processing of their personal data by Bellagio Home & Garden or other third parties who may be wholly or partially entrusted with the purpose of carrying out the processing competition, announcement of winners and publication of results.
Participants provide their consent and authorization to the Company and / or our authorized partners to view the competition through radio, television as well as through print and electronic media and the Internet.
Participants reserve the right to request, at any time and without charge, the confirmation, modification or deletion of their personal data, by contacting the Managing Company during its business hours and / or by sending an email to the email address info @
Participation in the Contest implies that the Contestant has read the terms and conditions of the Contest of our Company and our Authorized Affiliates, and has accepted them unconditionally,
Facebook / Instagram has no involvement or relationship with the contest


Purchases with interest free installments

Bellagio Home & Garden store offers purchases with interest free installments scheme to all of its customers. Customers with credit cards of the Hellenic Bank, Bank of Cyprus and Alpha Bank can participate to this scheme.

For more Information please contact us at 25753555

Interest-free plans.

The monthly installments can be 6, 12, 18, 24, 36 or 48 and are agreed between the customer and the store.

For the Purchases with interest free installments scheme, the entire purchase amount will be committed from the available balance of your card without interest.

The first 6 months of installments the interest is completely free; with any charges absorbed by the store.

For more than 6 monthly installments there will be a small deduction from the store’s offering discount

For monthly installments 12 up to 18 months there will be a deduction of 6% on store’s offering discount

For monthly installments 24 up to 48 months there will be a deduction of 16% on store’s offering discount

Or benefit the whole amount of the store’s discount and be charged for the difference in the supply of the banks ; 6% charge for installments 12 up to 18 months and 16% for installments 24 up to 48 months.

European legislation on Packaging and Packaging Waste Management

Dear customers,

Due to the European legislation on Packaging and Packaging Waste Management

(For Reduction of the Consumption of thin plastic transfer bag)

Regulations 2017 (KDP375 / 2017),

All plastic bags will be charged €0.06 (€0.05 + VAT)

at the points of sales of our store.

Thanks, you for your understanding and your effort for a better and healthier environment.



Terms and Conditions of Bellagio Home & Garden Loyalty Card

Bellagio Loyalty Card is owned by the company A & S Kamilaris Trading Ltd

People over the age of 16 have the right to obtain the card

Only members of Bellagio Home & Garden are eligible to claim the benefits of this plan after completing their personal details in the registration application and this will be accepted by the company A & S Kamilaris Trading LTD

In order to collect points and provide 10% discount, the holder must present the Bellagio Loyalty Card to the cashier or his/her personal identity card or provide his/her telephone number. After the purchase, it will not be possible to make any point adjustments.

Discount 10% will be provided with the presentation of the card on all products to be purchased. In addition to the discount on the cash register for each accepted € 1, the cardholder will be credited with one point. The collection of points excludes furniture and garden furniture purchases and items already with discount greater than 10%.

The points that will be earned each time and the balance of the points up to date, are indicated in the receipt.

The presentation of the card and / or presentation of personal identity when redeeming points is necessary. The points are redeemed only with products from Bellagio Home & Garden and are not exchanged for cash or other monetary benefit.

Earned points can be first redeemed after completing the first 1000 points or more. For the first 2000 points free products of worth € 200 will be offered ; Meaning an extra 10% discount (products with any extra than 10% discount are excluded )

For earned points over 5000, free products worth € 750 will be offered (15% extra discount on all under A&S Kamilaris Trading LTD products which make up 95% of our products)

It is not allowed to exchange or transfer points from one person's account to another's account

The Bellagio Loyalty Card may not be used to pay for products or services or be money guarantee

A & S Kamilaris Trading Ltd reserves the right to cancel or modify the terms or regulations at any time without notice

Any modifications will be announced to the public at Bellagio Home & Garden store and / or through other social media communications