Privacy Policy

General terms and conditions

Bellagio Home and Garden priority is our customers’ satisfaction.

The company's policy in relation to product returning/change is defined as follows.

The original receipt must be presented along with  return / change / repair products under warranty and/or product exchange card.

Items to return / change must be in their original condition and include all accessories and packaging boxes.

The company reserves the right to ask the identification information, and / or to deprive the right of return.

7 Day Return Period

We accept returns or exchanges within 7 days of the original purchase all of the products provided that they have not been used is not beaten and are in excellent condition, except those described below.

Unacceptable Returns

Returns are not accepted on the labor supply for domiciliary visit for decoration space/ trade for ornamental purposes and/or for dented / used products and / or goods without packaging. Not accepted changes in decorations at promotional items more than 35%. Nor is it acceptable returns in furniture / garden furniture.

Money return

No refunds but you can exchange your product with other products

General Policy

1.       Regarding goods reservation garden/indoor furniture, deposit payment should equal to 40% of the full amount in cash or by visa. The deposit is not returned to the customer for any reason. It can be changed by purchasing other goods provided that the store will be informed of the intended change within 24 hours from the time of detention of the products.

2.       Product Deliveries are made only after payment of the full amount at the store.

3.       The products for which an advance is given should be delivered to the customer not later than three weeks from the day of booking. In the event that delivery cannot be done on the customer's fault, storage costs equal to 10% of the total market of goods will be charged until the day of delivery.

4.       The deliveries of furniture and / or garden furniture made within 5 working days of the due full payment amount, unless agreed in advance with the client for products under customized order.

5.       Sales of products with BARTER / Gift Vouchers agreement can only be done with the approval of the office. In these cases the goods are disposed without any discount. If the customer accepts 50% payment by cash and 50% by BARTER then assigned proportional discount under discount rates by product and 50% through BARTER. Vouchers are sold without any discount.

6.       10% Discounts are granted only to customers of members Bellagio Loyalty Club. Discounts of over 10% only granted a) in times of discounts on specified products.

7.       In cases of sales with Lyoness members a) the client has the right to choose if he wants to use the Bellagio Loyalty card instead of the Lyoness. He can only take advantage of one of the two offers. b) In cases of discounts more than 10% use the Lyoness card for the first 10% of the total discount of the product and the rest% of discount directed at checkout.