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Essential products for a perfect serving!


The taste of a dish is the most important element of every successful recipe. This doesn't mean that serving your food in elegant and beautiful dishes is not essential. Every product you will find in the Bellagio collection is unique and adds a special touch to both the table and your food!

Let's see which are the products that should not be missing from any kitchen, as they will highlight every meal and elevate its overall... rating!

Salad Bowls

Salads and various accompaniments make the first impressions on your guests, as they are usually placed in a central position. Those who appreciate details will surely appreciate the modern design and exceptional quality of a serving set.

The Marble Concrete Salad Bowl from Salt & Pepper is made of white porcelain with the appearance of glazed concrete. The cement-like look has tones in various shades of gray, making it one of the most unique pieces! Additionally, the white color allows for a harmonious combination with the rest of the tableware.

Bowl – Soup Bowl

The modern shapes featured in the elegant Salt & Pepper collection can refresh your table decoration and the way you serve food. The soup bowl is a classic vessel for every table, ideal for serving warm soups with style and practicality.

Choose high-quality products to combine durability with aesthetics. Also, don't limit yourself to serving just soup, as you can use these bowls for other foods or sauces.

Whether for everyday use or special occasions, a soup tureen is a luxurious and practical element on any table!

Platters – Tiered Stands

Tiered stands are the perfect way to present and organize various types of food, such as desserts, savory snacks, and fruits. With the different levels they offer, they create a dynamic and impressive appearance on the table, adding a special touch to the presentation of dishes.

Moreover, they save space on the table, making them ideal for various events and gatherings. Naturally, they also serve decorative functions, as they are often used as part of the decor in a space.

Choose the design that best suits your preferences and surroundings, whether it's classic and traditional or modern and minimal.

Looking for more serving suggestions and options? Visit our online store today and select the products that suit you!