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The suitable products to create the dinner of your dreams!


Gatherings with loved ones are an old and great tradition, representing unity, strengthening relationships, and creating happy memories in many countries. The more attractive, carefully decorated, and rich the table is, the better. How is this achieved? With special products, such as beautifully designed and sparkling glasses, candles for creating atmosphere, and special placemats that create a unique aesthetic reflecting your preferences.

We are here to guide you in choosing all the necessary items for the perfect table of your dreams so that you can invest in products that will accompany your family meals for many years.

Impressive glassware

An exquisite glass in a classic design, suitable for various drinks and cocktails, enriches the table and adds a modern and impressive touch to the decoration.

In the Salt & Pepper collection, you will find high-quality crystal glasses suitable for water, champagne, soft drinks, whiskey, and more. Through the extensive variety offered by Bellagio, you will discover many simple but unique designs, suitable for both everyday use and special occasions.


Candleholders are a timeless and exceptional addition to any table, offering an atmosphere of warmth, elegance, and romance, whether it's a formal reception or a family dinner. The designs of the candleholders come in a plethora of options, fitting every personal style and aesthetic.

However, the use of candleholders is not only decorative but also contributes to creating a calm and relaxing atmosphere, helping your guests feel more comfortable.


Placemats not only protect the table from scratches or stains but also add a sense of organization and a polished appearance. There are placemats for every taste and occasion, from classic and simple designs to more unique ones, depending on your preferences

Placemats are not only functional but also an easy way to change the decoration of your table according to the season, occasion, or even your mood. A colorful set of placemats can add a breath of freshness and vibrancy, while a more understated set can bring classic elegance to the environment.

The right choice of placemats, combined with the other elements of the table, can enhance the taste and quality of the meal, making every gathering around the table a unique and unforgettable experience.

Good wine requires a good glass

It is a fact that wine and the serving glass pose a challenge at a table. Especially wine enthusiasts who want to enjoy their wine in an elegant glass seek not only reputable brands but also unique design. In the extensive variety of Bellagio, you will find many designs of glasses that will meet all your needs, making wine and its serving a moment of art and enjoyment!

Planning a dinner? Choose Bellagio!