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Charcoal Portable/Table Grill Karl - Stainless Steel 59x29x15.5cm

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Enjoy the great outdoors with friends and barbecue wherever you like: in the park, at the beach or even just on your balcony. Since Karl is very compact, you can take him everywhere with you in his handy carry bag. Karl keeps “cool” on the outside, and gets really hot on the inside. Thanks to its unique design, you can grill without smoke and the ventilator allows you maximum control. Τhis fancy barbecue runs on batteries and charcoal. It is important to use high-quality charcoal. What is ideal? Large, airy coals with a dull, black colour. These coals ensure a better circulation of oxygen which makes them glow faster. So avoid bags with small pieces and a lot of grit. In addition to charcoal, you also need three lighter cubes and a long match or lighter. After you have filled the charcoal tray with charcoal and lighter cubes, light the cubes and turn the knob of your table barbecue to the highest position. This controls the electric fan and will provide enough air circulation to make your coals glow. Once the coals are covered with a thin layer of gray ash, put the lid on the charcoal tray and then also the grid. Now you can play with the control knob yourself. If you turn the knob to a higher setting, the ventilator will turn faster and more air will be blown into the charcoal reservoir of the table BBQ, making the fire more intense. Conversely, if you turn the knob to a lower position, the ventilator will rotate slower, so less air is blown into the charcoal container and the fire becomes less intense.
When the barbecue party is coming to an end, let your table BBQ cool down completely before you start cleaning it. All parts of the Carlo table barbecue are easy to dismantle and most of them are dishwasher safe. If you want, you can also choose to clean the parts with a wet sponge or rag. The grid can be cleaned with Barbecook's foam cleaner. Make sure that your table BBQ is completely dry before you store it! Ideally, you should store the Carlo indoors in its matching bag. Ready to shine with your new fancy barbecue?