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Charcoal Barbecue - Arena - Black/Stainless Steel - 59.8x35.4x101cm

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Anyone who loves an authentic barbecue experience will generally opt for a charcoal BBQ. The adventurous side that comes with it is for many of us a real trigger. You light a charcoal BBQ with coals or briquettes. Once warmed up, this type of BBQ can reach very high temperatures. The iconic charcoal barbecue by Barbecook is without doubt the Loewy, a model with a streamlined design that will undoubtedly make the hearts of diehard barbecue enthusiasts beat faster. This charcoal BBQ is available in several sizes and finishes: with grill surfaces ranging from 40 to 55 cm and in enamelled or stainless steel, plenty of choice! Thanks to the QuickStart® system, lighting this type of BBQ is a piece of cake. With just a few sheets of newspaper and the right techniques, the job is done in no time. Once the charcoal barbecue is on, the grilling can begin. Intense or soft? It's all possible thanks to the grid which can be placed at three different heights. Moreover, the adjustable air supply at the bottom of the charcoal BBQ allows you to maintain optimum control over your fire. This is how it works: remove the bottom grid and insert three rolled-up torches of newspaper into the lighting pipe. Then replace the bottom grid and place a pile of charcoal or briquettes in the barbecue tub. Create sufficient air circulation using the adjustable air supply at the bottom of your charcoal BBQ. Light the newspaper with a match or lighter through one of the two holes at the bottom. After about 15 minutes, the charcoals/briquettes will glow. Throw some extra charcoal or briquettes into the barbecue bowl, until it is half full. Wait until all the charcoals/briquettes are white/hot.
Proper care and maintenance of a charcoal BBQ ensure its longevity and optimal performance. After each use, allow the grill to cool completely, then remove and dispose of the ash safely. Clean the grates and grids with a stiff wire brush to remove food residue and grease. To remove the coarse dirt you heat your appliance for about 30 minutes at 260 ° C, so the burned food and other residues easily burn. Then brush the inside with a soft brush, empty the ashtray and simply put your stainless steel grid in the dishwasher. The outside is easy to clean with a damp cloth.Periodically check for rust or damage and address any issues promptly to prevent further deterioration. Store your BBQ in a dry place or cover it with a weather-resistant cover to protect it from bad-weather conditions. Additionally, inspect the vents and dampers to ensure they are functioning correctly, allowing for proper air circulation during use.