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About us

Bellagio Home & Garden shop has evolved from the wholesale sector, where it was established since 1996 as A&S Kamilaris Trading LTD, to the retail sector as Bellagio Home and Garden in 2008. Since then, Bellagio Home & Garden has been operating as importers of home accessories and in the later years, also specializes in the sector of outdoor/indoor furnishing and accessories.  

Over the years, Bellagio Home & Garden has been able to set up reliable connections with supplier’s worldwide and accumulated rich experience in importing and delivering premium quality products to cater market needs.

At Bellagio Home & Garden, we aim to be our customers’ most preferred supplier and achieving total customer satisfaction is our main priority. We are able to differentiate and deliver to our customers’ unique range of durable and high quality products coming up with new items and proposals, to suit our customers’ preferences.

It is within our core values to establish friendly and long term business relationships with our customers all over Cyprus and we believe that success can only be reached by providing mutual benefits between our company and our customers.

At Bellagio Home & Garden we do not compromise on our reliability and the quality of our products and services, offering super fully-fledged services, of premium quality in competitive prices.

Feel free to visit us during our store’s hours or contact us for a personal appointment


Product Portfolio

We import, sell and distribute a wide range of home accessories and indoor/outdoor furniture across Cyprus and even worldwide.

Our product portfolio consist of :


Leading Representative brands:

1.Domus Ventures for outdoor furnishing

2.Salt & Pepper for kitchenware and home accessories

3.Gusta   for kitchenware and home accessories

4.Gorilla Glue & O’kkeffe’s Working Hands


Brand licensed :




Our Story

Bellagio Home & Garden shop is a retail shop under A&S KAMILARIS TRADING LTD Company which is established since1996.

Over the years, the company has accumulated rich experience in importing and delivering high quality solutions with special attention to style and unique design for the house and garden providing a one-stop-shop service to its customers to add value and cater the needs of even the demanding ones.

The thrive to be the number one supplier in regards to uniqueness, style and high quality in affordable prices lead us to open the doors of Bellagio Home & Garden in October 2008.

The perfect location in Limassol with the 1,000sqm of 3-storey showroom, the high quality products we offer, along with the best prices and our personal service made us one of the most attractive shops on the island to visit.

We offer a wide variety of collections on Outdoor & Indoor furniture, Kitchenware, Exclusive decorations & Accessories, Lightings, Paintings, Bed sheets, Curtains, Carpets & Mirrors. 

Moreover, throughout the year we make sure to keep the spirit high and change the whole set up of the store with various theme decorations like the spirit of Christmas, Spring time theme and Easter theme. In addition, the shop is transformed during April and May literally into a garden for the Garden Furniture Show and one can find anything needed for their outdoor living.

In Bellagio Home & Garden you will exclusively find products from leading Brands such as Domus Ventures, Vicko, Skitso, Octabus, Gusta, Salt & Pepper, Kaheku, Down Town, Domus Ventures, Nieri Roma, Gorilla Glue.

Our front-line team is always ready to assist you and even offer you free Interior Design Services with integrity, passion and quality.

We make it our mission to make you a happy customer.

Bellagio Home & Garden

The absolute choice for Home Decoration.


Why choose us:

Original and customized

We give you the opportunity to express your personality by adjusting your needs to the model you choose. Dare to think out of the box and customize your indoor or outdoor furnishings and decorations by choosing along with our experts’ advice.

Quality matters

Our main priority is to offer our customers quality on products and competitive prices. Our products are not only beautiful; they are crafted from high quality, long-lasting materials and are chosen among hundreds of suppliers all over the world.

Our products pass different and specific tests that are required by the international quality standards and the European Union Community demands. This is done by our reliable suppliers, since they ensure quality of each product we offer you.

Guarantee is given for different products according to the kind and product we have.

Please ask our staff for more information.

Location - Easy To Reach – Park – Shop  and  Go.

Our 1000square meter, 3-floor store is on the most easy place to reach.

Located just 100m before Linopetras Round About on the central highway road from Nicosia to Limassol. Ιs so easy to find, park, shop and go while our friendly staff will assist you any way you need.

Our people

We have some of the nicest people in our business. We run background checks on them before hiring to know deeper the person we might employ. Ourstaff speaks Greek, English and Russian.

Environmentally friendly

Bellagio Home & Garden respects the environment.

We recycle or donate everything that can be recycled or donated.